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Discover our huge range of High-Quality Dried Fruits and Roasted Nuts in the Best Premium Quality. Exotic and local delicacies and superfoods, all of which promise maximum enjoyment.

Freeze-dried strawberry slices

The favorite and bestseller among freeze-dried fruits: sliced strawberries as fruit chips, for mueslis, bowls, smoothies and more.

Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Crunchy, Whole Strawberries in the Best Premium Quality. Sun-ripened, with extra vitamin C and natural, seductive sweetness.

Strawberry Banana Mix

Strawberry kisses banana. The perfect mix of freeze-dried bananas and strawberry slices. Extra crunchy, extra delicious.

Dried Mango

The classic and favorite among dried fruits: the dried mango. Best, sun-ripened Burkina Faso mango, extra aromatic, 100% natural.

Dried Pineapple

Exotic, fruity pineapple, large, juicy rings of the best premium quality. Sun-ripened and carefully processed, free from additives, 100% natural.

Coconut chips

Crunchy, aromatic coconut chips for an exotic holiday feeling all year round. Best coconut chips from responsible cultivation, carefully processed, 100% natural.

Medjool Dates Jumbo

Extra soft, juicy Medjool dates jumbo with a small stone. The queen of dates for special enjoyment and extra natural energy.

Roasted Almonds with Honey

The classic among the roasted nuts in perfection. Best almonds dipped in fine honey and refined with a thin layer of sugar.

Roasted macadamia nuts with honey

The queen of nuts dipped in the best honey and burned with fine sugar. The sweet nut snack for everyone who loves something special.

Roasted Cashew Nuts with Honey

Best cashew nuts dipped in fine honey, burned with a fine layer of sugar and refined. The nut snack of a special kind.

Pineapple in Milk Chocolate

Fruity, juicy pineapple dipped in the best Belgian milk chocolate. A treat for the palate and the eye.

Pineapple in Dark Chocolate

Exotic, fruity pineapple dipped in fine Belgian dark chocolate. The special candy with pleasure guarantee.

Mango in Milk Chocolate

Fruity, exotic mango, half dipped in melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolate. A treat and feast for all the senses.

Mango in Dark Chocolate

Exotic, delicious mango, royally refined and dipped in fine Belgian dark chocolate. Fruit and chocolate combined in their most beautiful way.

Freeze-Dried Sour Cherries

Enjoying summer cherries all year round is easy with freeze-dried sour cherries. 100% natural, best premium quality.

Freeze-Dried Physalis

Sourly delicious physalis, freeze-dried and extra crispy. The good mood fruit for mueslis, bowls, for baking and as a pure fruit snack.

Freeze-Dried Kiwi

Sour is fun: the freeze-dried kiwi immediately puts you in a good mood with its pleasant acidity and extra vitamin C. 100% fruit, 100% natural.

Freeze-Dried Bananas

The popular classic banana chips with a difference: freeze-dried bananas for extra crunchy snacking fun!