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Freeze Dried Fruits

Best Freeze-Dried Fruits, 100% natural. Best premium raw food quality. Carefully processed, durable, individually usable. The trendy addition to mueslis, bowls, smoothies, pastries, desserts and much more.

Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Crunchy, Whole Strawberries in the Best Premium Quality. Sun-ripened, with extra vitamin C and natural, seductive sweetness.

Freeze-dried strawberry slices

The favorite and bestseller among freeze-dried fruits: sliced strawberries as fruit chips, for mueslis, bowls, smoothies and more.

Strawberry Banana Mix

Strawberry kisses banana. The perfect mix of freeze-dried bananas and strawberry slices. Extra crunchy, extra delicious.

Freeze-Dried Bananas

The popular classic banana chips with a difference: freeze-dried bananas for extra crunchy snacking fun!

Freeze-Dried Kiwi

Sour is fun: the freeze-dried kiwi immediately puts you in a good mood with its pleasant acidity and extra vitamin C. 100% fruit, 100% natural.

Freeze-Dried Sour Cherries

Enjoying summer cherries all year round is easy with freeze-dried sour cherries. 100% natural, best premium quality.

Freeze-Dried Physalis

Sourly delicious physalis, freeze-dried and extra crispy. The good mood fruit for mueslis, bowls, for baking and as a pure fruit snack.