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Dried Fruits

Best Dried Fruits in Premium Quality. 100% natural, carefully processed, for maximum vitamins and enjoyment. The ideal snack for a conscious diet.

Dried Mango

The classic and favorite among dried fruits: the dried mango. Best, sun-ripened Burkina Faso mango, extra aromatic, 100% natural.

Dried Pineapple

Exotic, fruity pineapple, large, juicy rings of the best premium quality. Sun-ripened and carefully processed, free from additives, 100% natural.

Coconut chips

Crunchy, aromatic coconut chips for an exotic holiday feeling all year round. Best coconut chips from responsible cultivation, carefully processed, 100% natural.

Medjool Dates Jumbo

Extra soft, juicy Medjool dates jumbo with a small stone. The queen of dates for special enjoyment and extra natural energy.